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About Us
Established in 2003, SCIP SITA Waste Services Company Ltd. (SCIP SITA Waste Services) was jointly built by SCIP DC, SITA WASTE SERVICES (the waste management branch of French group SUEZ ) and NWS Holdings Limited(HK)with a total investment of 575 million RMB. The company is located in the Southwest end of Shanghai (the economic and social center of China), backed by Shanghai, facing Hangzhou Bay, with good harbor of East China Sea on the left and neighboring the Sea-Crossing Bridge on the right. In addition to the ideal economic and social environment and exceptional traffic and natural conditions of Shanghai, the world class environmental waste treatment techniques of SUEZ and the substantial supports provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Shanghai Government have more than doubled the comprehensive advantages of SCIP SITA Waste Services in keeping down the global climate change, protecting the environment of Shanghai as an international metropolis and making its significant contribution.

SCIP SITA Waste Services was officially put into operation in 2006, and the two sets of large-scale hazardous waste incineration processing plant designed to be operated in the first phase have an annual processing capacity of 60 thousand tons.

By adopting the world class environmental waste treatment techniques owned by SUEZ , the comprehensive services provided by the company to a wide array of customers include the packaging, transfer, transportation, analysis and treatment of an extensive range of industrial wastes as listed in the National Hazardous Wastes Catalogue.

SCIP SITA Waste Services has always devoted itself to assisting its customers in completing their own environmental protection objects, reducing the risk and responsibility of its customers caused by the generation of industrial wastes and promoting the environmental image of its customers.

The company provides 24-hour continuous, safe and reliable operation service, and its operation management is managed by SUEZ . The company not only strictly abides by national industry standard, but also operates according to rigorous EU standards in terms of air emissions.

From its establishment up to the present, SCIP SITA Waste Services has always been among the leaders of this field in China.