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Industry Hazardous Waste
  With annual processing capacity of 60,000 tons
  Two rotary kiln incineration lines
  A broad reception range for the wastes
(classified into 27 broad classes and 271 small types
by National Hazardous Wastes Catalogue)
  Equipped with energy recovery device
  Air emission performance in accordance with EU standard
  100% ashes from the incineration of wastes are disposed
    of in carefully selected & monitored, licensed hazardous waste

Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes

  • HW02 Medical wastes
  • HW03 Discarded drugs and drug products
  • HW04 Fertilizer wastes
  • HW05 Wood anti-corrosion agent wastes
  • HW06 Waste organic solvent or wastes included organic solvent
  • HW08 Mineral oil or wastes included mineral oil
  • HW09 Oil /water, hydrocarbon /water mixture or emulsifying solution
  • HW11 Rectification (distillation) residue
  • HW12 Dye & paint wastes
  • HW13 Organic resin wastes
  • HW14 New chemical drug
  • HW35 Discarded alkali
  • HW37 Organic phosphorus compound wastes
  • HW38 Organic cyanide wastes
  • HW39 Phenol-containing wastes
  • HW40 Ether-containing wastes
  • HW45 Wastes containing organic halogenated substances
  • HW49 Other wastes