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Statement of SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. with regards to non-compliance on noise emission level of 2012

2013年8月1日国家环保部公示了2012年8月上海化学工业区升达废料处理有限公司被检测到昼间噪声为69.6 dB(A),超标4.6 dB(A)的情况。上海化学工业区升达废料处理有限公司管理层高度重视,并做出以下说明:
On August 1st, 2013, the Ministry of Environmental Protection published a statement on the non-compliance of SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. with regards to a noise test made on August 12th, 2012. The noise during the daytime was measured at 69.6 dB(A) which is 4.6 dB(A) above the standard. The management of SCIP SITA Waste Services Co. Ltd. attaches great importance to it and makes a detailed statement as below.

The root causes for this excessive noise have been identified to come from (1) air compressor systems and (2) pumping systems. SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. subsequently implemented corrective actions consisting in (1) the installation and operation of new low-noise air compressor (November, 2012) and (2) the improvement of pumping systems during the overhaul (May 2013).

2013年6 月我公司通过了中国环境监测总站委托上海市环保局进行的噪声的监督性监测,监测结果为昼间时段63dB(A),结果达标,完全符合《工业企业厂界环境噪声排放标准》。
In June 2013, SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. passed a noise test supervised by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau appointed by National Environmental Monitoring Station, with a test result of 63 dB(A) which is fully compliant with the standard of < Industrial Enterprises Environmental Noise Emission Standards>.

This test result clearly shows that the corrective actions taken by SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. are effective. The Company will make a written report of the corrective actions to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

It should further be noted that SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park and is therefore far from residential area and main public roads. As a result, SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to report that since the beginning of its operation in 2006, there has been no complaint made from the neighboring population with regards to noise or to any other matter.

如需了解更多详情,请联系: 公共关系主管 党珺 电话:021 67121639 电子邮件 For any further information, please contact: Ms. Dang Jun, Communication Officer Tel: 021 6712 1639 Email:

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