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Corporate Social Responsibility

EU standard
The design of SCIP SITA Waste Services’ incineration facility was based on EU standards and also anticipated the progressive tightening up of air emissions limits defined by the regulation, as a result of the development of social and economic conditions and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness. We have provided reliable, specifically designed waste treatment services for our customers, and assisted them in completing their environmental protection objectives and reducing the environmental risk brought about to our already weak environment by the industrial wastes generated by enterprises. Meanwhile, we are actively spreading our environmental protection ideas, promoting the environmental protection awareness and requirements of our customers and guiding them in formulating their own environmental protection measures. These are the social responsibilities which should be undertaken by us as currently the largest hazardous industrial waste incineration processing company in China.

Energy recovery
Power generation by means of household wastes incineration is a classic energy recovery model. However, in the incineration and treatment process of hazardous wastes, given their nature, makes the recovery of heat harder to achieve. Relying on the environmental waste treatment processes and know-how of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, SCIP SITA Waste Services achieves the recovery of energy from the incineration process, and is therefore a net producer of energy. Energy is recovered in the form of steam, which is directly re-used by enterprises within Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park. Every year, SCIP SITA Waste Services produces energy representing approximately 15,000Ton per year of coal. In other terms, SCIP SITA Waste Services energy production contributes to significantly reducing the consumption of fossil fuel of its customers.